Our Story

It all started during the pandemic. Home seclusion with not much to do socially and having our favorite shopping stores close indefinitely. While social norms have come to a physical pause, our thoughts of them remained in play! We still wanted to celebrate birthdays, successes, and milestones. Knowing how difficult it became to celebrate them physically, we wanted to contribute in making things easier and draw more smiles by creating these special gifts.
For the record, gifting is one of the oldest human habits that dates back to Stone Age. Let us keep it strong for the generations to come!

A Gift with Elegance

Well-presented and wrapped to gift selection of quality products.

A Gift for each occasion

Vast and continuously revamped collection of gifts to suit various occasions.

Gift Securely

With easy access to safe online payment and professional delivery to the doorstep desired in the EU.

Our Concept

We want to make gifting modern and easy, yet sophisticated, beautiful, and meaningful. Everyone as already had this existential question “what I am going to gift him/her?”, this is where PACKG comes and save you with curated gift boxes selected with care. Just a click away to offer the perfect present for all kind of occasions, baby shower, birthday celebration, gift appreciation, marriage, and many other special occasions we got you covered!

Corporate Gifting

If you are tired to offer typical corporate gifts to your employees, and you are looking for some creative and trendy gifts, you came to the right place!
Together we can promote uniqueness and create exceptional gifts from scratch. Feel free to reach our team.

Happines is giving someone a gift!


PACKG ships to : Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland.


We can cover various kind of special occasions such as a birthday, newborn, housewarming, wedding, or a corporate event.


We selectively place high quality elements and products in our boxes to meet our clients’ satisfaction.